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Dr. med. Andreas Franczak

I am a surgeon with an experience of many years as the Head of Surgery in the hospitals of "Diakonie South Westphalia" and consultant at the Department of Surgery of the University Hospital Bochum/ Germany. Beside the speciality in the general surgery I possess the specialities of vascular surgery and visceral surgery. Additionally to the activity in my office, I am consultant in the private hospitals in Vienna and work in the state hospital Floridsdorf as consultant in general surgery. I invite you to inform yourself about the diseases treated and to visit me at my office.

Yours sincerely

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Till 1989: Study of Visceral Surgery: University "Louis Pasteur"- Strasbourg, France

1990: Full registration- Germany

1994: PhD- "Doktor der Medizin", Medical Faculty of the Saarland University, Homburg- Saar, Germany

1995: Specialist in General Surgery granted by Medical Association Munster, Germany

1996: Certificate of Accident Medicine, granted by Medical Association Munster, Germany

1998: Specialist in Vascular Surgery (Munster- Germany)

2000: Specialist in Visceral Surgery (Munster- Germany)

2000–2001: Study of Business Administration of Health and Social Institutions, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

2005: Priority designation (additive doctor) trauma surgery

2011: FEBS (European Board of Surgery Qualifications) Honorary Diploma

2017: Appointed consultant for general surgery and vascular surgery at the health authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


1988–1989: Resident in Colmar and Saarguemines (France)

1990: Resident physician in the clinic for trauma, hand and plastic surgery in the Winterberg Hospital, Saarbrücken (D)

1990–1995: Assistant doctor in the clinic for general, vascular, thoracic and trauma surgery of the Ev. Jung Stilling Hospital in Siegen (D)

1995–2003: Senior Physician in the above Clinic. Since May 1998 permanent deputy of the chief physician in the field of visceral, thorax and vascular surgery.

Since January 2000: Authorization to participate in the contract medical care

2003–2006: Senior consultant for visceral and vascular surgery in the surgical university clinic BG "Bergmannsheil" in Bochum, regular teaching at the medical faculty of the Ruhr University Bochum (D)

2006–2008: Chief physician of vascular and trauma surgery, D-doctor, St. Josefs Hospital Bochum-Linden (D) (Helios Klinik)

2008–2010: Chief physician of general, visceral and vascular surgery, Diakonie Klinikum Siegerland: Bethesda Hospital in Freudenberg and Evangelical Hospital in Kredenbach-Kreuztal (D).

2016–2020: Consultant for general and vascular surgery, Riyad, Saudi Arabia

Since 2020: Consultant in the department of General surgery in the Hospital Floridsdorf, Vienna

Since 2011: Private practice in Vienna, Activity as an attending physician in the Vienna private hospitals


Nov. 88-May 89: University Diploma in Sonography (Cetrificat d’Université d’échographie clinique) Faculté de Médecine, Université “Louis Pasteur”, Strasbourg (F)

1994: Internship at the Department of Surgery (Prof. A. Warshaw), Massachusetts General Hospital - Harvard Medical School, Boston (USA)

1997: Advanced course in laparascopic gastric surgery. Hamburg- Norderstedt (D)

1997: European Congress of Angiology (lecture). Warsaw (PL)

1997–1998: Basic, advanced and final course in Doppler and duplex sonography of the extracranial brain supplying vessels. William Harvey Clinic, Bad Nauheim (D).

2000: Internship at the Clinic for General and Transplant Surgery (Prof. C. Brolesch), University Hospital Essen (D)

2001: Annual meeting of the Surgical Infection Society-Europe. Gdansk, (PL)

2002: Symposium and workshop: "Laparoscopic and conventional scar hernia repair" Baden-Baden (D)

2003: Symposium "Contemporary Aspects of Vascular Biology and Medicine", Boston, (USA)

2004: Symposium "Minimally Invasive Surgery and Carcinoma" Bremen (D)

2006: VNUS endovenous closure using radio wave energy, Nuremberg (D)

2010: Internship, coloproctology, Prosper Hospital, Recklinghausen (D)

2010: Surgeons Congress, Buenos Aires (ARG)

2017: Lecturer "Diabetic Foot Syndrome", Habib Medical Group, Riyad, Saudi Arabia.

1992 until today: Annual participation in the congress of the German Society for Surgery

1996 until today: Annual participation in the congress of the European Society of Vascular Surgery in various European countries


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