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The visceral surgery deals with the surgical therapy of diseases of the whole digestive tract. In addition belong to it: thyroid and parathyroid gland as well as abdominal wall hernias. In Austria and Germany the education in the visceral surgery is performed over several years in specialized centers after the completion of the training in the general surgery. Visceral surgeons dispose of special expert's skills in the surgical treatment of the mentioned organs particularly in their cancer diseases.

Vascular surgery concerns the prevention, diagnostic and surgical as well as not surgical treatment of diseases of the human vessels, i.e. arteries and veins. In Austria and Germany the vascular surgeons in addition to the education in general surgery, have concluded an specialized training of several years in authorized vascular surgery departments. They are particularly experts in the surgical treatment of vessels occlusions and narrowing, aneurysms, varicose veins, thromboses and their complications.